Ergo Eco Mat


Ergo Eco Mat™ is a cutting-edge training mat produced of natural material such as sugarcane. It is a light, robust and eco-friendly alternative for standard mats. It is easily cleaned, ensures perfect grip and adhesion to the surface. Its unique ergonomic shape and clamping mechanism enable fast and trouble-free detaching and putting away the mat on a hanger even by a larger number of users simultaneously.

The use of Ergo Eco™ mat enhances pro-ecological attitudes, giving the user a feeling of positive impact on the environment. The mat may be recycled in 100% after its validity date.

Ergo Eco™ mat won the main prize in 2020 at one of the most prestigious competitions in the fitness industry. It is a winner of FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARD in the category “Ecology and sustainability”.

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