The world’s most versatile workout machine: Limitless Free Trainer!

The Free Trainer complete home gym system is the world’s most versatile home gym – capable of literally limitless exercises all from the comfort of your own home.


The Limitless Free Trainer is the only Complete Home Workout Machine you’ll ever need. Capable of burning up to 30 calories per minute. The Free Trainer’s patented design provides a completely limitless work out for even the smallest of spaces. The Limitless Free Trainer integrates hundreds of exercise options with a conveniently small footprint and a tidy fold-away storage solution.

Free Trainer is built around 2 pivoting arms which can be loaded with standard Olympic weights/plates or used in isolation for a body weight or loaded home workout. The arms switch between two fixed positions at the top and bottom of the frame to help you work Chest, Arms, Shoudlers, Legs, Abs and Back. Switch between HIIT, Strength or Cardio easily for an isolated or full body workout.

The two plate loaded arms allow a smooth, 360 degree free movement for all types of exercise. Each arm weighs 7.5 kgs and can be loaded with up to 50kg per arm for a total lift weight of 115 kg. Unlike traditional machines, dumbbells or standalone weights the Free Trainer effortlessly stabilises your workout for a safe but challenging session for all abilities.

6 Rotating handles help reduce strain and tension on the wrists, offering a comfortable training experience whilst the tri-grip system allows multiple grips and lifting positions for a truly limitless work out.

Add the Limitless Rack and/or Adjustable Bench, allowing for even more pressing and squat patterns.