In order to carry out quality training, not many high-cost resistance machines are needed.
A few square meters even inside the room itself are enough. In-room training is already the first choice of 27% of business travelers.


ATHLESIS+ can offer you complete innovative solutions that can combine the safety and comfort of exercise.

What we offer:

  • Build in room fitness corner.
  • Consult & build a fitness corner within the hotel with the right equipment.
  • In room training.
  • Virtual training.
  • Outdoor training combined with cultural run.
  • In room fitness kit
  • Your guests can use our premises at Athlesis!


The percentage of travelers who consider the possibility of physical exercise offered in a place of hospitality is constantly increasing.

Hotels and other rental spaces need to listen to the needs of these travelers, creating a sports space adapted to the square footage they can afford.

To offer hotel owners “the Gym of the Future”, ATHLESIS+ has entered into exclusive partnerships with leading fitness companies. The twenty-year experience of its inspirers guarantees you unique solutions tailored to the needs of your hotel customers.

Investing in ATHLESIS+ proposals means a higher return on investment. Higher ranking of your hotel services in booking websites. Beating the Competition.

Dare to change and redefine your hotel identity, trust the knowledge and experience of ATHLESIS+ people.