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Iron Pump Set


The Iron Pump Set is a classic exercise set with a modern twist. It includes a set of urethane or rubber discs, any bar with collars and a comfortable, stable stand in which you can easily store the entire set of weights with the bar. The modern design of the rack fits perfectly into modern interiors. It takes up little space, thanks to which the space in which it is located is tidy and clean.

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Gipara Gym Ball


One of the basic and irreplaceable training devices – a gymnastic ball. Made of durable PVC rubber with high density and anti-slip properties. It works well during corrective, stretching and strengthening exercises.

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Vinyl Studio Dumbbells


Vinyl dumbbells necessary in each fitness club. The covering is moisture resistant and is easy to clean. Designed for both arms balancing exercises as well as for increasing your coordination necessary for strength exercises. Interesting colors will energize you during your workout.

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Towell+ Micro


This gym towel is made of the finest microfibre and is comfortable to use while working out as the great microfibre material makes it quick-drying. The cloth has a zippered pocket and an inner mobile phone compartment with a net so that you can use your smartphone without needing to take it out of the pocket. Thanks to its non-slip surface, the towel stays in place when you’re using a machine. The towel has one side for your devices and one side for use, keeping things hygienic.

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Towell+ Pro


Snag the Pro version of STRYVE’s gym towel! What do you get with the Pro version? A variety of colours to shake things up! The towel is characterised by the magnetic clip that makes it easy to hang up anywhere. It also features a zippered pocket to quietly stow away your valuables and even has a built-in mobile pocket with a grid so you can use your phone without taking it out. The anti-slip protection prevents the towel from falling off sports equipment. The towel is marked on one side for dives and one side for use to keep things more hygienic.

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Runner’s Keychain


Enjoy going for a run without worrying about where to hide your keys! STRYVE came up with the perfect solution for runners! The neodymium magnet in this keychain can easily be clipped to your tights or shorts and doesn’t jingle while you run. The keyring at the top makes it easy to attach your keys and saves your fingernails. The inner pocket also has enough space to tuck a few bills or other small things you’d like to have handy.

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Sometimes the design of even the smallest things can be improved! This keyring uses a clever lever system to make opening and closing the ring easy, without breaking your nails.

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Mini Band | Set


Want to keep up with your workouts without lugging around a lot of equipment? The STRYVE fitness bands are just the thing! The natural latex bands are gentle on the skin and very tear-resistant, keeping up with your workouts. The bands have a minimalist design and are versatile and can be taken practically anywhere thanks to their lightweight nature. They come with a high-quality storage bag.

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